• Amy Locane

Holiday Hacks

Tired of spending hours in pursuit for the perfect cake pop? Here's an idea...

Cake Pops are delicious and help with portion control

When my girls were little, I would put graham crackers in heavy duty ziploc bags, doubled up, and say to my then 3 and 1 year old, "Jump!" They would have such a great time jumping all over these graham crackers in bags. Mozart, the best music for brain development and something they listened to all the time as babies would be playing, and I made pretend I was the conductor of an orchestra, and they would dance and jump away. And I would have the crushed graham crackers that I needed for my Key Lime Pie.

Times have changed. My girls are now older, and not interested. At all. Hence, the baking and time dilemma, especially when mommy's little helpers in mommy's make-up.

I was recently at a baby shower and I saw all of these "cake pops" on a skewer. I looked at the host, and said "You've been busy." She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and whispered, "dunkin' donuts." Huh? "They're munchkins"she said, still whispering. I put my reading glasses on. Yup. They were dipped in the Candy Melts, and aesthetically looked just like the cake pops that took me all day to make. Wow, and I thought I was cheating when I bought the already made cake and rolled it into balls.

I tasted one and they were actually pretty good. Hmm, I have to do this for the next school event, I thought. Halloween came and so did an opportunity too make my "munchkin pops".

When I went to buy the orange candy melts, I saw little brownies already rolled into balls, raw cookie dough balls. My wheels were turning. I purchased everything sweet and already made and in a ball. I came home and melted the orange candy and dipped my balls into the candy, and viola! The" hodge podge pop" was born.

This Holiday Season, I'm all in. I've already purchased the red and green and gold candy melts. Oh, and the girls came around and participated. They ate the broken cake pops, and still licked the spoon.

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