• Amy Locane

Cry Baby: Diversity: Not always black and white, & what it was like to kiss Johnny Depp?

It seems like wherever I go, if someone puts the pieces together that I was in Cry Baby, the question, pops out like their newly widened eyes. "What was it like to kiss Johnny Depp?" Well, I don't mind any communication from fans, so if you meet me in the future, don't hesitate to ask; but... it was everything you think it would be. Johnny Depp is a mega-star and kissing his perfect lips, and listening to his subtle southern sexy draw, while staring into his brown eyes, was an experience that sometimes I chuckle that I was paid for.

When I see Hollywood News articles discussing "Diversity in Hollywood", I am thrilled that the race gap is widening, but Diversity doesn't always have to be black and white. When I think of all of those different personalities encompassed in Cry Baby: the virgin, the sexually experienced, the rich, the poor, the skinny, the voluptuous, the "square", the "drape". This film had a hodgepodge of characters well before anyone was ever talking diversity.

A truly ahead of it's time, unique film that transcends generations, (my daughters impress their friends that their mom was in the movie, and Oh Yeah, that she kissed Johnny Depp), is all due to the vision of director, John Waters. A friend to this day in Hollywood's not so loyal world; John Waters is a class act. Smart, funny and obviously brilliant.

Cry Baby was a great experience for me and a film that I am proud of. It's truly surprising to have a whole new generation recognize me from the film, and gratifying that it was a work I am satisfied with.

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