• Amy Locane

Crocus Rising Coronavirus got you down?

I am ridiculously optimistic. Punch me in the face when your around me optimistic. Seriously.

But I even found myself feeling overwhelmed with helplessness in the face of this pandemic. Being forced to stay at home sucks.

I run every morning. Although lately I've felt like just staying in bed, because what is the incentive, who cares? I've pushed myself through it. Even though it feels like sometimes I have to summon a forklift to get moving, I do it.

Last week, I saw this pretty yellow crocus flower rising from the ugly drab muddy dead leaves around it. The strength of this pretty, non spectacular flower to rise up out of the heaviness around it, reminds me that life will prevail.

Corny as it it, this is the cue from the universe that will get me through the next couple of weeks. Overly-optimistic? Social Distancing protects me from any desire to punch me in the face.

I hope this post helps someone visualize HOPE

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